How to Plan Your Family Travel

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No matter if you have ten children or just one, traveling with your family is always tedious business. There’s so much to take care of before departing, and that results in a chaotic preparation. Planning is always key to achieving proper execution of your travel plans, so put your mental pen and notebook down for some productive thinking.

Additionally, you may even end up finding a co-traveler outside of the family. Maybe they are moving to teach English in China (which is currently the most frequent foreign job), or simply visiting for personal reasons. So, what’s the first, second and third most important factor of a good travel plan? Read all of that and more below!

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  1. Prepare for Preparation

You’ve read that right, for being in the right mindset before preparing for anything makes things much easier on the whole family. This means sitting everyone down for an extensive conversation about the journey. Your spouse may not seem fond of the suggested location, or your kids may not like the very idea at first. Elaborate why you think this is a good option and make sure everyone agrees at the end of your explanation. If everyone ends up excited after the arrangement, you’ll know you’re on the right track to having no troubles during the lengthy preparation process.

  1. Host a Send-Off

In order to make sure your family members are ready to work full-force on the journey preparations, you need to let them have some time with their out-of-household loved ones. Host a little barbecue and have them invite everyone over (friends, partners, co-workers). The positive thoughts of your guests will further strengthen your family’s determination to prepare for the journey. After all, you can’t just tell your kid “We’re going now” and expect them to just leave like that. Children need to spread the news during their quality social time and intake everyone’s opinion on it.

  1. Make Everyone Participate

The more effort your loved ones make in order to get something done, the more they will appreciate it. Even if they don’t like the idea so much, they’ll come to love it through hours of invested work. This is why it’s important to split the responsibilities equally among the family members, with regard to their actual capabilities. You can have your spouse helping you to prepare all the extra food and such, while the children take care of other trivialities. Engaging in the pre-travel ceremony is sure to lift everyone’s spirits and ensure a stress-free transition to another country.

  1. Make a Schedule

Every weekday when your family members aren’t too busy with their usual duties will prove excellent for any preparation chores, so pay attention to when everyone’s available and plan things accordingly. If your husband is super busy at work Monday to Thursday, you can have the children doing their part of the obligations in the meantime. Eventually, things should all round up when everyone’s work has been done in due time. Sit down and mark the days of the week of your calendar with the names and chores of your family members, then stick it onto a wall in the living room. This way, you’ll know everyone’s well-aware of their task times.

  1. Remain Positive

What matters more than anything is keeping an optimistic attitude about the entire ordeal. Your kids will be the first to potentially lose faith in the plan, so keep a close eye on how their perception fluctuates. If somebody makes a mistake, act as if it were nothing, help them correct it and move on. Absolutely no stressful situations should occur during the readying, for it may have delaying consequences. If you scold your child for not doing what they’re supposed to in due time, they’re bound to feel much less enthusiastic about the journey. You need to make sure that good vibes are a vital part of every task.

Approach Is Key

 Every departure can be made effortless with a little thought investment, meaning that a good plan is what removes any potential incidents along the way. Having everyone prepared through and through for what’s coming up ensures a positive response to the new experience, which is something you simply can’t enjoy traveling without. Ultimately, there’s no point in going anywhere with your family unless every member is eager to partake in the journey.

Happy traveling. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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  1. I have never traveled abroad with kids coming along. It will be fun though especially when kids have to encounter new problems they must resolve. Thorough plan and adequate saving will somehow ensure the distant travel. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I agree with 5 tips from you mbak mun ????

  3. Those tips are helpfull .. Thanks for sharing Mom, 🙂

  4. cant imagine that having such a family travel would be that complicated y, mba. since never been so far away with my lil family, niy. nice tips eniwei. thanks. i’ll note it as well…

  5. I have been travelling with my family when they’re kid. It makes us happy and always remember it 🙂

  6. Sepakat Mbak, aku gabisa bhs inggris, tahu sithik2, gabrani komen bhs inggris hehehe

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